Potentiometers: what do you suggest??

Troy Sheets tsheets at saturn5.com
Wed Jun 4 21:05:01 CEST 1997

I really like the Mouser brand pots with the 1" diamater assembly.  Yes,
they are pretty big and take up a lot of space on your panal, but they
are only a buck each and the action is on them so right-on.  Besides
being silky-smooth, they are the kind of pots that once you start moving
them, they have some momentum so that you can do really smooth sweeps.
The jumbo knobs that come with them also allow you to fine-tune the positioning
pretty well.  I have a ton of them on my asm-1 

see: http://www.mouser.com to order a catalog.  Oh, while I'm giving
them free promotion, I might as well say that Mouser is a great parts
supplier... quick, friendly, accurate, and they have never been out of
stock on anything that I have ordered from them (except for a 19" rack, 
but that is understandable)


> Hi All (again).
> I'm sure that potentiometers are important pieces of electronic components
> to be considered when building synth modules and/or when they are dedicated
> to the control of important parameters like tuning and so.
> Please, can someone suggest me some important features to be used for them?
> in which synth module and /or for what control particular selection is
> required for their use?
> can someone suggest or recommend also (not least important) some
> producers/manufacters?
> Thank all (again).
> All my best,
> Antonio

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