Connie Garfield conidave at pacbell.net
Tue Jun 3 06:55:36 CEST 1997


        This notice is to inform all of you that Dave and Connie
Garfield have
finally DUMPED! America On-Line, and joined Pacific Bell Internet.  Our
old e-mail address, DaveGarfie at aol.com, is now INVALID!  (Yayyy!)  Our
NEW Address is: Conidave at pacbell.net .  Please make a note of our
new-found freedom from AOL Tyrrany, and join us in celebrating the
bounties of Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Java!

        AOL...is Dead!  LONG LIVE...well, Other Carriers!

        In Welcomed Liberation,
        Dave & Connie Garfield
        Conidave at pacbell.net

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