AE/BE abbreviation CMOS help

Ken Stone sasami at
Tue Jun 3 00:04:37 CEST 1997

Cmos are (were??) available in unbuffered (A) and buffered (B) variants from
memory. The difference is in the number of fets used to create each gate, as
well as a few clamping diodes etc. When a circuit is forcing a CMOS chip to
run in its linear region, it may be important to use the unbuffered variant,
if that is what the circuit calls for.

As for the exact meaning of the letters you have spelled out, I'm not sure.
Try checking NSC or one of the chip manufacturers on the web.


>Hi all,
>some CMOS ICs (for example the 4001) used in some synthesizer modules
>contains an abbreviation such as AE , BE or B , UB which seems to suggest a
>different purpose (may be buffered or unbuffered) for the ICs.
>Could some one explain the difference, if any?
>If such a difference exists, it is important or a type can be replaced from
>the other type in a board ?
>Could someone indicate exactly the corrispondence between the abbreviation
>used and the type?

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