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I just saw this and figured that it would be of interest to viewers


> Subject:  SYNTH-L Digest - 29 May 1997 to 30 May 1997
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> Date:    Fri, 30 May 1997 09:24:37 -0700
> >From:    JOHN VOLANSKI <jvolanski at SENSORMATIC-VPD.COM>
> Subject: New: Analog FPGAs
> I just got some design info yesterday from Motorola on their new Analog
> FPGAs (they call them Field Programmable Analog Arrays or FPAAs).  As far
> as I know, these are the first FPGAs available with analog cells or
> modules in them.  The first part they are offereing is the MPAA020.
>  Looks kinda interesting, and maybe it will have an application in synth
> design.  Here is what they say about it:
> The MPAA020 is a field programmable analog array based on a general
> purpose analog cell that may be configured, either alone or in
> combinations, as any of a wide range of analog functions from simple
> comparators to complex filters.  Looking through the manual (about 160
> pages, downloadable), I see that they have macros set up for designs of
> oscillators, gain stages, signal conditioning, filter stages, rectifiers,
> etc.  Each cell's function may be programmed to connect with any of the
> other cells in the array.  There are 20 cells is the MPAA020 part.
>  Digital interface circuitry is provided to write the anaolg circuit
> configuration data to on-chip SRAM in the same manner as Motorola's
> digital FPGAs.  Analog design is simplified with EasyAnalog (tm) design
> software which handles bit level circuit configuration details, allowing
> the user to do analog design using functional macros in an easy to use
> point-and-click graphical environment.
> The Motorola rep told me that this software is free, and it can be
> downloaded from
> I have not tried to download it yet, but I plan to give it a shot.
>  Apparently, you can do your total design with this software without
> having the FPAA chip or any other special development station.  (I am not
> a Motorola rep nor do I sell this stuff, so don't email me for samples!).
> Just a heads up on a new technology.
> John Volanski
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