Synching a Vortex?

Arnim X. Sauerbier arnims at
Fri Jan 31 09:52:54 CET 1997

>     Converting the audio pulse to a voltage trigger can be done with an 

>     envelope follower plus a comparator. Actually for such a specific 

[writing this down... "Look-up in textbook: envelope follower, 
comparator" ... hah! :-*

Would a wheatstone bridge hooked-up to the line-out of the drum machine 
convert the AC wobbles into DC?   Then some kind of RC circuit to -uh- 
'store' that voltage for a few milliseconds while it triggers a 
transistor short-to-ground?  I was actually thinking of going back to my 
radio-shack "101 electronics projects" kit which featured a 
sound-detector alarm circuit.  Figured it's doing something similar.  
Doubt I can find the book tho.

But seriously, if you build this, let us know how you did it!  If I 
manage to, I'll do the same - thanks!

>     A couple weeks ago I built a MIDI-clock to voltage pulse divider 
>     circuit on a single chip, but that's another story...
Umm, maybe not.  Couldn't that chip be used to provide the voltage 
trigger?   Waitaminute, YOU design and produce your OWN chips?  
Huhuhhuhhhh-uh, cool.


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