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Wed Jan 29 21:24:25 CET 1997

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> There is (was?) a proposal for a faster MIDI replacement called ZIPI.  
> Anyone know what happened to this?

I believe it failed largely because the Z in ZIPI stood for 'Zeta' ..
no matter how open the standard, the replacement for MIDI will have to be
an industry-wide effort, not just some one-vendor wanking.

> A friend of mine suggested TCP/IP as a transport layer... MIDI to

In CMJ, ZIPI was described as being transport independent, but with
ethernet being the defacto preferred transport.

> The 'amateurs' are perfectly happy to hook-up their casio to their 
> soundblaster MIDI port and find that it actually works.  

Guilty as charged!  :)  (tho I don't have a casio)

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Karl Helmer Torvmark wrote:
> Ethernet only allows one message on the wire at one time, and all other
> pending packets go into a timeout state.  This timeout doubles every collision,

True enough, but since most of the network traffic is coming from one
source (the sequencer), and you don't necessarily need the overhead of
TCP/IP, you'd probably still get more bandwidth, lower latency out of
ethernet.  Besides, ethernet is dirt cheap nowadays.

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Eli Brandt wrote:
> How far can you stretch a USB cable?  I haven't been following that
> stuff, but it might be an appropriate standard to build on.

I *like* this idea!  12Mb/s is plenty for continuous control, USB is
inexpensive, it looks pretty much like it's going to be universal, it's

Let's do it!  Let's make USB the new standard for do-it-yourself synths!
The bottom line can be: lets start with just transmitting MIDI messages
over USB, but leave it extensible to that a different messaging scheme can
be dynamically dropped in later.  I guess the first project should be a
USB-to-MIDI gateway ... 

That could be fun.  So who's gonna build it?  Uh ... I guess ... I am.
Okay.  Yeah.


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