Steve Pescatore pescator at armstrong.bizweb.net
Wed Jan 29 15:47:33 CET 1997

> A friend of mine suggested TCP/IP as a transport layer... MIDI to
> TCP/IP converters would fill a similar function that CV to MIDI
> converters do now. But I reckon there's not enough demand at the
> moment to make it worthwhile. IMHO 99.9% of everyone is either happy
> enough with the MIDI setup they already have, or can put up with its
> limitations considering its flexibility.
not me. i hate midi. it's a lame duck IMHO... tcp/ip, however would be 
perfect, i think except for the fact that there would have to be a client 
process running on the actual synth. this would require a complete 
restructuring of synth design. i'm game, anybody wanna help me build one?


--Steve Pescatore
pescator at rtp.dg.com

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