Power supply - how big?

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Tue Jan 28 19:11:07 CET 1997

>Hello. This is my first post (I have been eavesdropping for a while,
>getting a wealth of information.)  I am about to start building a modular
>synth. The first task that comes to mind is a power supply (+15, -15, +5).
>My question is, how much current will, say, 10 or 20 typical modules draw?
>My first guess is like 2-4 amps for the +-15, and 1-2 amps for +5.
>Basically, I don't want to spend $862 on transformers, but I don't want to
>run out of juice after 3 modules either. I imagine somebody who has
>already built a modular synth or two could just say "yeah, use this much." 

I'm running 30 some odd of Ric Miller's modules, (most all based on Bernie
Hutchin's circuits) and all run on +/- 15v. To run the whole load, I chose
an International Power 1.5amp dual supply which seems to be a VERY
comfortable match. I think I'm (*maybe*) drawing 400ma on the plus rail and
300ma on the minus rail... 

GREAT power supplies, current and voltage protection, ROCK solid,
reasonably priced, etc... I paid $60ish from Mouser Electronics; (800)
346-6873. Part Number 597-BB15-1.5

IP does make triple supplies, but I think you may be better off in just
running a +/- 15 volt supply and then building a step-down stage with a
LM317 for a regulator. This is what I'm doing to replace a Moog modular
supply that has a need for quad output (for those of you who know a Moog,
the box in question also requires +/- 15v for custom modules). Stuff the
LM317 (TO-3 can) in a decent heat sink and you're cleared to 1.5 amps.

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