Warning: Using 1/4" jacks on ASM-1 faceplate

Don Tillman don at till.com
Sun Jan 26 20:10:32 CET 1997

   From: Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
   Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 14:04:56 -0400

   > Just a word of warning to anyone who might be using 1/4" jacks on
   > their ASM-1 project.  I just received a good quantity of Switchcraft
   > type 112A enclosed jacks (really good quality, and not cheap!).  As I was
   > mounting them, I discovered that the three holes for the noise outputs
   > are too close together!  These as well as the VCA gain CV INs!

   Whoops!  I thought I took that into account.

I've found that the unenclosed Switchcraft jacks, C-11 and
thereabouts, are higher quality in the sense that their contacts are
much thicker metal and they grip the plug more securely.  They are
also less expensive than the enclosed jacks.  Their mounting spacing
requirements are a little different.

  -- Don

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