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Jezz Brookes jezz at
Fri Jan 24 10:13:19 CET 1997

> Subject:       Project thoughts

> Well... I eventually found myself babbling out an idea about how, given the
> expression that's capable with a joystick, no one has done a standalone
> MIDI version of one. 2 or 3 axis, each axis assignable to a controller
> value with min and max values including negative. MIDI-IN, OUT and THRU so
> that you could merge in the stick data with anything else on the wire.

Have you been reading my mind?! I'm planning an exact project like this. 
I've got an analogue joystick that I want I'm going to digitize with a PIC 
(17C7x) and squirt out MIDI data. It should be an absolute doddlee; just 
the processor and maybe some buffering. The PIC microprocessor has an 
onboard UART and ADCs. I think it's 8 channel ADC so I was going to hook 
up some sliders for other control channels.

> Then, I had an extension to that idea, something possibly more approachable.
> The third idea is the logical offshoot of the second... A box that accepts
> a standard PC joystick IN and spits MIDI out. Think of having one of those
> massive Thrustmaster fighter-like joysticks with all of the buttons on the
> stick as a controller. There are also the rudder pedals... and the airplane
> like yokes...

Again this is the same lines I've been thinking along. I've written a program 
that converts mouse clicks to midi data and I was going to upgrade it to 
handle joystick commands. You need a PC in the way though...
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