Llyal Gordon frans at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Jan 24 02:47:00 CET 1997

For my application, MIDI bandwidth is a problem. I want to use instruments
on the market that communicate by MIDI- but the ways i want to control the
instrument overload MIDI's abilities. I seem to ask too much from the
machine. I don't think so. My question goes-

Is it easy to bypass the MIDI interface on equipment, so to access some
kind of memory registers, in hopes of faster communication with the
instrument? Roughly what is involved to make this a reality? 


If i did this, are most MIDI equipped devices fast enough internally, so
that by bypassing MIDI when communicating with the device, i would see a
bandwidth improvement (hopefully in magnitudes)? 

Llyal Gordon
SUBVOX, tucson AZ
frans at ccit.arizona.edu

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