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douglas irving repetto glmrboy at shoko.CALARTS.EDU
Thu Jan 23 21:12:04 CET 1997

>>something else i've looked into is single board computers from newmicros
>>(http://www.newmicros.com) - there's an easy mod to make it do midi instead
>>of regular serial port transmission.  it has 8 ADC's and a bunch of TTL
>>input/outputs.  all for about $70US.
>Now *THIS* looks cool!
>I've always wanted to get into this stuff, but I don't have the know how to
>deal with the hardware interfacing. I can program the begeezuhs out of the
>box (even in FORTH <g>) but to get it to talk to the outside is no longer
>my gig.

the interface is really no problem - you just wire up some buffers (the
outputs are connected directly to the CPU) to some RCA jacks or whatever,
and plug in your signals - for the ADC's 0-5v continuous, for the TTL's
0-5v logic.
there are plenty of +5 and ground pads coming off of the buss, so you can
just wire the two ends of the pots to those and the middle to the ADC.  of
course then you have to program the thing, but it sounds like that
shouldn't be a problem!  in addition to forth you can use C or assembly, if
you like . . . the main problem with these SBC's is that they're a bit slow
using the serial port.  but i've been told that doing the MIDI mod speeds
things up quite a bit.

i haven't gotten around to doing this yet - too many other things to play
with right now!  but once i do, i'll let you know what happens.


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