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> The third idea is the logical offshoot of the second... A box that accepts
> a standard PC joystick IN and spits MIDI out. Think of having one of those
> massive Thrustmaster fighter-like joysticks with all of the buttons on the
> stick as a controller. There are also the rudder pedals... and the airplane
> like yokes...

I use a program called Midijoystick (or something like that) to controll midi.
You use your stick connected to your PC,
and assign x,y and buttons to those controllers you want. 

But if you don't own a stick you could connect some pot-resistors instead
(FUN!) It's easy to build your own controller.
The file is called and could be found at...

There is a program by the same author called midiloopback,,
which makes it possible to use both sequencer and midijoystick at
the same time, and you could also record those mididata!


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