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Tony Clark clark at
Thu Jan 23 17:30:41 CET 1997

> What about a box that accepts RS-232 serial IN and spits MIDI out? Why?
> Well, the first stop for this box would be for me to hookup an
> off-the-shelf trackball or mouse and use it as a MIDI controller. 

   Even better, use one of those pads like they have on laptops in the 
place of mice.  Just think about it!  Get a larger version and start 
throwing stuff at it!  Roll balls over it, spin a top on its surface, get 
your cat...  The possibilities as a controller are ENDLESS!!!

   But seriously, this would be kind of a neat project.  Bet you could 
get a scholarship for it at that school over in europe that designs all 
those wacky MIDI controllers.  :)


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