OB8 keyboard parts...

Paul D'Amato frosty at net-connect.net
Thu Jan 23 15:30:16 CET 1997

Hello all,

      Well here is my once every three month's question ( say that 10 times
) . The keyboard on my OB8 was acting strange ( some keys would not conjure
up a sound, others would. And others would get sound after a couple of
seconds of holding them down. ) so I took it apart and cleaned everything
with deoxit but no dice. I noticed that there are 10 rubber key contacts (
in groups of 6 ) and that some of these were not completely flush with the
contact board ( I did take these off and clean the contacts ) . Could this
be the problem ? And if so , where can I get 10 new one's from ? 

                        Thanks in advance ................. Paul 


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