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Mark Pulver mpulver at
Wed Jan 22 14:50:06 CET 1997

Some may remember a while back when talk started about a new magazine
coming out that was to be geared towards the performer.

Well, I got the premier issue yesterday, and I thought I'd share some

Overall, the mag feels like the old days of Polyphony. There are
construction articles, Tips and Tricks, reviews, etc. In this issue,
there's a HUGE swing towards the side of guitars and especially tube amps.
It's unclear if this is to be a primary focus of the magazine. The charter
of the mag is to " you achieve quality sound for your live or studio

The table of contents from this issue is:

	The Guitar Mini-cab
	Two by Two by Two - Part I	(PA speaker design)
	Modifying your Push/Pull Guitar Amp
	Vintage Silvertone Reverberation twin Twelve
	Superbass (Goes down to "E")
	MIDI for Beginners
	  (not to be confused by the cover title of "Everything You Need To 
	   Start Using A MIDI" <grin>)
	Book Reports
	  DIY Projects for Guitarists
	  Digitial Projects for Musicians
	Amp Tips and Tricks
	Ad Index
	Gearing Up	

It's clear that the focus of this issue is for the 6 string folks. As well,
there are A TON of ads in the mag for folks selling reissused tubes (valves
for some of you) and vintage amp parts.

Subscription Info

	$19.97/1 year, $34.97/2 years
	Performer's Audio
	PO Box 876, Dept BI7
	Peterborough, NH 03458-0876

Personally... For the $20/year price. I'll give it a shot!

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