yamaha GX-1 and minimoog and prodgx

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Wed Jan 22 08:47:28 CET 1997

>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 09:26:41
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>Subject: yamaha GX-1 and minimoog and prodgx
>     Messages from riccardo grotto  Italy.
>     I am in need to fix a GX-1.
>     Is there anyone out there who have the schematics of the encapsulated
>     circuits called NE##### which are on the voice boards (and somewhere
>     Yamaha does not have them anymore. They have been so kind to send me the
>     last few boards and components left in their warehouses.
>     I have been told that all the scematics for those circuits do not exist
>     anymore.
>     Any clue can be helpful. 
>     You can submit question on the instrument if you like, I'll try ro answer.
>     Minimoog: I have three minimoog modules. I built them by myself
copying the
>     original project. I have installed them into a three unit rack mounted
>     (each). I control them using for each one a Kenton pro solo midi to cv
>     The three Kentons have been installed into a single unit rack mounted
>     The whole thing is 10 units.
>     I have already adjusted the original design to my needs.
>     The glide works, as i did not use the conventional cv in port of the
>     minimoog(which did not allow to use that control).
>     The low output is hard wired to the ext input.
>     Next I am planning to eliminate the decay switch and to route the release
>     control to an appropiate potentiometer. This will mean I have to
redesign the
>     front panel.
>     As I have to do all this work, I am asking if anyone is willing to provide
>     the schematics of the modifications that companies like Rivera used to
>     apply to those Synths.
>     Arp Pro Dgx: I would like to control it via midi with a midi to cv conv.
>     I have not been able to find if the keyboard sends a 1volt/oct controller
>     signal (seems as it does not).
>     I can be wrong, I hope so.
>     Please let me know where my fault is and how can I do to control this 
>     synth with a 1volt/oct signal.
02208aaa at loko.it
Riccardo Grotto

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