LF411 Op-Amp dilemma

Jeff R. Dec jdec at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 22 05:52:30 CET 1997

>Well, i got some op-amps from Mouser and they said they didn't carry the
>LF411 but they have an equivalent replacement according to them.  So they
>sent me CA3140's in an 8pin DIP.
>Before I start dropping these in my 2600 to replace the LM301's (less the
>30uf cap across pin 1 and 7) in the s+h (and other places) I wanted to check
>with everyone here that these were a good substitution.  In the catalog
>they're listed as BIMOS Op-Amps...

Don't use the CA3140's and expect to get the performance of the LF411!!!!

You can get the real thing from Digi-Key....

Unless I'm the only one saying this, DON'T DO IT!!!!

Jeff R. Dec

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