FS: MKS-70 with PG-800 and 2 RAM carts

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Tue Jan 21 17:55:09 CET 1997

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	Roland MKS-70
	PG-800 Programmer
	2 RAM carts ................... $800 including ground shipping
                                       anywhere in the continental US

The MKS-70 and PG-800 are in great condition, the RAM carts are showing
some wear on their labels. I have all the manuals, the cable for the
programmer, and possibly the vinyl case. I'm the second owner of these and
they have NEVER left a non-smoking environment.

The MKS-70 has a fresh program storage battery in it.

References for buying and selling are available.

Offers considered, no trades.

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mpulver at wwa.com
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