Crumar Performer: manual/schems and SSM2050 info needed

Daniel Oberfeld OBERFELD at
Tue Jan 21 17:07:36 CET 1997

Fellow EM-fanatics,
I bought a Crumar Performer string and bass machine two weeks ago and 
I love it! You can do some nice analogue stringsounds as well as some 
funky resonant bass sounds - this beast sports a SSM2040 (to some 
this might seem like some kind of waste..). 

Unfortunately, two problems ocurred:

The three way chorusing/delay(?), based on three TCA350 chips doesn't 
seem to work.

And worse: after a weekend away from playing, suddenly the decay 
portion of the brass-section's AD-generator doesn't work either!!
I get normal attack times, but just no decay, which makes the sound 
practically impossible to use.

So, is there any kind soul out there who could provide a service 
manual or at least a schematic?
The ill-fated envelope generator uses a SSM 2050, would someone be 
willing to sell me this part? Also it would be helpful to get some 
information on the SSM2050, at least a pinout, maybe I could figure 
out something that way!

Anyway, thanks in advance for all input!!!
I could swap the manual for some 303/808/909 service manuals
if you like.

Daniel Oberfeld

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