chrisc at chrisc at
Tue Jan 21 11:07:08 CET 1997

Hi guys,
I finished the scanning and OCR part of the Penfold book this morning, and 
did some basic spell checking too. Now that I've got a system for it the OCR 
part seems to be pretty good. It is important to use a high resolution when 
scanning, and therefore to delete TIF's as you go along to avoid using too 
much HD space. I hope to finish the spell-check, concentrating on parts 
lists etc this evening, along with the scanning of the diagrams and a bulk 
conversion for the diags from TIF to GIF. Predicted size of the whole thing 
is about 1.2Mb. That's not too disastrous as an FTP file, if you chose a 
quiet time of night to make the transfer. I need an adress from Per as to 
where to send the discs. Without the OCR I reckon it would have been closer 
to 5Mb. I've also got the EM&M drum synth articles of various discriptions 
and the Korg MS series and Kawai S100P diagrams. What do people want next, 
TR808, 909, TB303, Moog Rogue, Moog15/35/55, Digisound Project 80 modules 
(the ones that can still be done like the S+H and the Voltage Processor) or 
System 100M ? the System 100M won't come out too well, my copies not very 
BTW, the ink I'm using on the front panels is acrylic, whoever was 

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