Techniks Inc. "Press 'N' Peel" warning

Ric Miller rmiller at
Tue Jan 21 08:29:38 CET 1997

How do chaps.  I ordered 20 sheets of the <Subject above> in early
December.  I was slightly mad when I hadn't had it YET, early last week, so
I phoned them up.
The order came today.  I thought they'd only sent it after I phoned, but
nope.  It DID take 3 weeks to get from them to the center of Canada.  Why? 
Who knows.  Probably Canada Customs screwing things up.

That's not the problem though.  This is a warning, for anyone that is using
this product and a Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5L!  :(

I was so bloody happy to have finally gotten my order.  I could finally use
those sheets to make the PC boards for all of my customers, and speed up my
building process!  Yayyyyy ..... as it started out.
I just got finished trying to SERVICE my printer, as the very 2nd P'N'P
sheet that I tried using in the machine, became wrapped around a roller
inside of the printer!  Wrapped around it!  There is absolutely no way that
I can get it out, and I'm going to have to pay god knows how much money
now, so that I can get it serviced!  
The printer still prints ..... somehow sort of.  It doesn't realized it has
an entire sheet of P'N'P wrapped around a roller.  But the P'N'P will
absorb some of the printing, and reprint the printing onto whatever next
sheets your printing!  :(

Sorry for bitching out loud lads, but I don't want this problem to happen
to anyone else!!  :(  I could send back to HP under warranty or whatever,
but I bought this printer specifically for speeding up my building process.
 If I sent it back to HP, I'd be without a printer for a month or more. 
I'll have to throw away my wallet and have someone in the city fix it for
whatever million dollars they'll charge.

If any of my customers are reading this:  I'm really sorry about the
continued slowness of building, that this product would have helped
partially erased.  I didn't expect this problem to come up.  :(  I'll be
back to doing circuit boards by hand, tomorrow.  :/

Take care all, it's time for bed I think.  And off to a service shop
tomorrow hopefully.


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