Tuning the FAT MAN

spore! spore at biteme.psibercom.org
Tue Jan 21 05:24:49 CET 1997

> since I am suposedly TONE DEAF I never really cared about tuning it.
>  But now that I am in a band my fellow musicians want it tuned.  All of the
> trim pots I think are bad and I will be soldering 3 1k pots and 1 10k pots to
> the back of my custom box.  I love this thing but it just doesn't want to be
> tuned. 
> If anybody has any suggestions on how to fix this problem it would be
> helpfull.

Really?  They've all gone bad?  The Fatman seems to hold its tuning pretty
well and I've heard that from others.  Also, the manual mentions and you
may notice how you can never really get it totally square-tuned, that is
where the upper and lower parts are totally beat-free from a reference

One thing I did was to play long notes from a sampler playing things like
an oboe sample.  Do you have a frequency counter in your VOM?  You could
hook that into your audio out pretty easily and just look at the values.
Just keep multiplying by 2 for every octave.  Middle C = 261 Hz, the next
C = 522Hz, etc.

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