Mon Jan 20 19:46:00 CET 1997

I got into the NAMM show this week and discovered a possible alternative
method for panel labeling.  Roland Digital was in the Roland area
demonstrating their vinyl sign system.  Previously it just took a
Coreldraw file and cut out stickon labeling for signs.  But now
it prints in color too!  So you can do your synth panels in any color - even
photo's I would imagine - and just stick em on and you are done.  This
stuff is pretty sturdy - they show it being used for boat lettering
and say it is good for 5-7 years.  I suppose phone jacks could possibly
scratch through the paint layer but maybe it would be the same for an
alternative method.  This printing method is pretty popular in sign
shops so you shouldn't have trouble finding someone to do it.  Let me
know if you try it!

Saw the Technosaurus modular.  It used isolated 1/4" phone jacks in
separate panels to cure any grounding issues.  Modules selling from $220
to $290 ea.


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