Keyboard Interface - help needed

Mon Jan 20 00:38:49 CET 1997

Hi all,
I'm trying to make a keyboard interface from Electronotes #45, which is
an analog design, and am failing miserably.  The CV gets generated just
fine, but does not get to the CV out due to lack of triggering.  The basic
design of the circuit seems to be flawed, but I assume it worked when it
was published.  I would like to talk in-depth about this with anyone "in
the know", or about alternative ways of generating gate and trigger signals
from single-contact Pratt-Read keyboards.  I am hesitating to go with the
digital scanning scheme, but I may be forced to if the analog way fails to
produce acceptable results.
I can't get any further on my modular project until I get this out of the
way, so your help will be highly valued.
David Forsyth

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