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Sun Jan 19 21:32:14 CET 1997

At 12:55 PM 1/18/97 -0800, Saul Stokes wrote:
>Hi, awhile back I decided to build a slider controller for my Lexicon
>Vortex. Last night I got it together and hooked it up but it doesn't seem
>to control any of the Vortex's features.  It does however work on my other
>instruments. At first, I wasn't sure of the pinout on the slider and tried
>different combinations to see if it would work.  Now that I have it hooked
>up the correct way (thanks to Ric) and it still doesn't work, I'm
>beginning to think that maybe I fried something due to my experimenting. 
>I can't imagine this happening since it's just a slider and a stereo cord. 
>My question is could I have fried something by hooking the stereo wires 
>up every which way to the slider? Also does anybody use an expression 
>pedal on their Vortex?  Do you have any problems with it?
Do yourself a favor - go down to Radio Slack and buy yourself whatever
multimeter you can afford.  Learn to use it.  Without one you're going to
spenda lot of time scratching your head.

First thing to check is if your Vortex is still spitting out 5VDC.  Use the
DC voltmeter function for this.  I can't tell you which pin that would be,
because I left my Vortex manual at work (copying it for a friend).  Anyway,
one terminal (tip?) is +5, ring is, i think the variable voltage, and sleeve
is ground.  Very simple circuit, look in the UM and you'll figure out how it
works - it's a constant voltage source in modular terms.

Then you can use the ohmmeter to check if your cable is wired up correctly.

I seriously doubt your Vortex is fried - it's gotta have some input protection.

Good Luck
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