2600 repair suggestions needed

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Fri Jan 17 14:54:03 CET 1997

>> >ADSR Board - 1
>> And this covers the AR as well?
>Yes.  Make sure you add a normalled jack that will give you independent 
>triggering on the AR while you're at it.

:) !

>> Did you happen to have a 3640 keyboard to open up? I wondering if there're
>> any there?
>The 3604 has 1 LM301; I don't know about the 3620.
>You still use the keyboard?  ;-} Mine is in a closet somewhere...

No, but I figure that if I was in the mood, I might was well do it too. :)

I mean, if I go senile someday, I just might sell the 2600. :)

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