2600 repair suggestions needed

Robot robot at sdic.net
Fri Jan 17 04:55:09 CET 1997

>But isn't this for use in a 2600 S/H? Aren't the LF series FET input,
>low bias current devices? Both these are crucial to good S/H tracking.
>If the application is for a S/H unit, I'd make sure to keep it to a
>good low input current, low offset FET input amp. Even an LF353 or a
>TL082 wouldn't be that hot in this app. However, you could probably
>still do better than an LF411.

Okay!  NOW I'm getting confused.  I'm NOT educated enough to follow all of
this.  I JUST took my FIRST ECE class last quarter and I know how to use
test equipment and I can figure out shematics but that's about it.  We only
spent a few weeks on op-amps and only the 741 at that.  I'll try and order
some op-amps from Mouser but I'd PREFER to finds them locally.  Yes, I'm
replacing the LM301's as per everyone's suggestion on the Sample+Hold module.

If someone could SPECIFICALLY suggest PROPER op-amps to use in place of the
301's as I can't find them OR the LF411's locally, I'd like that.  Either
that or tell me the specs to ask the local surplus shop to find a match for
what I need.  I don't know even close enough to tell them on my own.

Thanks again, but PLEASE don't send a reply to me AND the list, as I don't
need two copies.
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