2600 repair suggestions needed

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Thu Jan 16 14:24:04 CET 1997

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Joachim Verghese wrote:

> >Mouser has instrument grade OP-O7s for US$0.96 (I think) - I'd go for those,
> >they've got better noise specs (I've got this thing about paying more than
> >$1 for an opamp).
> The OP-07 is very good in most respects, but its slew rate isn't any
> better than that of the 741.

   Just a quick note:  The OP-77 is an improved version of the OP-07.  My 
company uses these chips for low noise low offset solutions.  Granted, we 
run them in the low frequency range, so if you are looking for something 
with a better slew rate, you will probably want to look elsewhere.

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