2600 repair suggestions needed

JDMcEachin jdm at synthcom.com
Thu Jan 16 09:20:47 CET 1997

At 11:25 PM 1/15/97 -0600, Mark Pulver wrote:

>The LF411 (and the dual version the 412) is a full production National
>Semiconductor part. It's carried by Mouser, DigiKey, Jameco, etc, but may
>NOT be carried by your local folks just cause it's cheaper for them to
>stock the junk 741's.
>Mouser doesn't list the part in their current catalog, but call 'em - (800)
>346-6873 -, they have it. Be careful with DigiKey... They list the part,
>but don't get confused (like I did!) and think that $6.30 is a normal cost
>for one of these. I was looking at the mil-spec part number. A real cost
>for the LF411 is about $1.50 and the LF412 is about $1.60...

Mouser has instrument grade OP-O7s for US$0.96 (I think) - I'd go for those,
they've got better noise specs (I've got this thing about paying more than
$1 for an opamp).  I wonder why the cost of 411/412's went up so much????

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