DB connectors

Roger Arrick rarrick at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 16 03:51:44 CET 1997

For you technogeeks out there (includes me):

I just want to resolve something.  I often get "corrected" when using
"DE9" instead of "DB9" when referring to the 9 pin D-sub connector used
for serial ports and other things.  The real name IS DE9.  The second
letter is the shell size.  People make the mistake because the 25 pin
connectors are "DB25".  B is the larger shell size.

Here's a list of the most common connectors

DE9   9 pin used for mono & cga monitors, serial ports, etc.
DA15  15 pin used for joysticks, etc
DB25  25 pin used for parallel ports, serial ports, etc.
DC37  37 pin used for old external floppy disk drives, etc.
DD50  50 pin mamoth connector used for ??

Notice the second letter changes with the shell size.

There are also high-density versions of these connectors.  For example,
VGA connectors are 15 pins in an "E" shell - name: DE15

Ok, I'm done, go back to building cool stuff.



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