Midi Specs for THEREMIN

Steven Cook steve at babcom.u-net.com
Wed Jan 15 20:56:20 CET 1997

You wrote:

>Imagine this: A theremin that can be used as a MIDI controller. What I
>am asking for from some kind and benevolent soul in this newsgroup is
>the schematics for incorporating MIDI in what is basically a CV unit. If
>at all possible I would also like anyones' personal opinions about doing
>this (ie. can it be done?).
>Thank you in advance...
>David Pattee
>dpattee at magi.com

The january 1997 edition of Everyday Practical Electronics, a UK based
electronics magazine, contains the first part of a two part article
describing a Theremin to MIDI and CV Interface.

Any use to you?

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