"discrete" VC ADSR. (0/1)

Roy Roberts roberts at pharm.sunysb.edu
Sat Jan 11 20:56:06 CET 1997

> >hard work.  It would be more efficient to ftp it to the music/machines
> >archive...
> I went to music machines, but couldn't find any instructions. They say
> "we may never answer your email, and if we do it may be awhile" - so
> could someone here tell me how to do this? Is there a "public" area -
> and if there is, can I go back and "update" a file I put there?

I think there is an "incoming" directory in
music/machines/categories/DIY -- if not there is definitely one
under the main music/machines directory. There is no way to delete
files you've uploaded but if you upload a revision with a changed
name along with a new text file description we can take care of
things. I'm nominally in charge of the DIY section there at
hyperreal.com but transcontinental net lag and my ongoing attempt to
get a Ph.D. (does electrophysiology count as DIY electronics?)
combine to make it difficult for me to spend much time working on
the site.

roy at hyperreal.com

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