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brad sanders radioactive at geocities.com
Sat Jan 11 01:38:59 CET 1997

My apologies to everyone for that 200 line mess I sent out. I'm still
getting this "new and improved" newsreader configured, and obviuosly
have a ways to go.

On the off chance you WERE able to decode that mess (I wasn't - and I
sent it!) disregard it anyway. As I said, this sleep deprived design
is sure to need some tweeking: I did some tweeking just a minute ago
before making this last attempt of the day. In the process I removed
two resistors, two diodes, and increased the "input impedance" of the
ADSR gate to a more reasonable 10K.

I'll look forward to reading any critiques y'all may have... tomorrow.

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