VCO's and VCA's for your <finction> generator

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Fri Jan 10 23:15:46 CET 1997

To ad960 at

On 8 Jan 1997 <tgardne2 at> got a lollypop for saying

>>hi chris,
i'd like to get a copy of the schematic *AND* the PCB you mentioned.
i also have a PAIA sheppard finction generator and this sounds like it might
be something i can use. please respond to this-->> ad960 at
email address also as i am writing you from work and the other one is my home
account..............thanx     tim
I'll do you a schemo and PCB (do you want PCB or .GIF of PCB?)
How much was the <finction> generator? <g>
  I've had a thought that if people want lots of cheap VCA's then the 
Penfold circuit would be the best for it. His VCO was mucho cheapo too, 
 You'd get eight of each of those for 80 bucks and still have enough 
for a beer I hope......


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