Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Fri Jan 10 22:59:40 CET 1997

To jdm at synthcom.com     cc: synth-diy

Sorry if I annoyed you. I don't go to AH much, mostly cos
it's full of people who think a 303 is worth more than a
Matrix 6*, or even an EVS-1 ;-) I'm not surprised it got 
up your nose. However the basis of my reply wasn't to 
discuss the 303 filter, just point out that there is
a diode ladder filter schematic with the maths done and
explained. I'm an electronics buyer by profession, and
I've never seen teh BA662 OTA for sale except from Roland
and I've never found about half the trannies either...
Oh well.....
If you see my posting elsewhere, you'll see what I'm doing
about getting my schemo collection out. I won't mention
the 303 again, except when my diode ladder VCF/VCA circuit is done.

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