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DJMaytag djmaytag at terracom.net
Fri Jan 10 06:26:56 CET 1997

At 08:30 PM 1/9/97 -0800, Kyle Farrell wrote:
>What i've thought about doing is having two digital oscillators and 
>switch between them at audio rates.  The user could define a point where 
>the output would switch from one oscillator to the other.  The 
>oscillator would first output waveform "A".  Then at the point in the 
>cycle where the "switch point" is reached the output would switch to 
>oscillator "B" until the end of the cycle.  The next cycle would begin 
>with "A" again.  Using a triangle and square wave you could get something 
>like this:

well, i had the same idea a while ago, maybe i only sent to the Bode list, i
don't remember anymore. i guess my idea was more like this:

     __       __
 /\ |  |  |\ |  |   /\
/  \|  |__| \|  |__/  \ etc, etc...

tri, square, saw, square, etc. maybe even throw in a sine every now and then.

i thought it might be easier to have a third osc at the same or half of the
frequency, control the timing that would flip-flip between the waves, so
that it changes every cycle. the lfo and env mod to that sounds interesting
though, maybe use and env to control the freq of the control osc.

anyway, let me know what happens, i'd like to know how it sounds! :)


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