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Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Wed Jan 8 15:42:59 CET 1997

>> My completed ASM-1 project:

> Looks great Troy!
> Personally... I HATE doing front panel wiring... UGH!

Me too. Took me about twice as long to do the wiring on the ASM-1 as it did
the PCB!

Two tips:
1. Use solid core wire for the +V, -V and ground lines. Run them from one
side of the faceplate top the other keeping leads as short as possible and
the leads pressed against the faceplate. Run the connection from the
faceplate to the PCB at only one place (like the holes for the power supply

2. If you're careful you can save wiring work for summing nodes (CV inputs,
audio inputs to the filter, etc.) by leaving the resistors off of the PCB
and "floating" them over the back of the faceplate. This assumes all the
connections (pots and jacks) for one summing node are close together. You
solder all the resistor ends into a big star, and the other ends to the
jacks and pots, then run just one wire to the PCB. For my faceplate (for
example) this will cut the total wire count for the VCO CVs (4 *2), Filter
inputs (3), and VCA CVs (3*2) from 17 down to 4! This assumes you don't
need to worry about them getting hit or moved around - you don't wanna
short them.... I actually took the trouble of removing resistors from a PCB
that I had already finished when I realized how much cleaner it makes the

- CList

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