Fast analog sw. as VC resistor

Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Mon Jan 6 19:43:21 CET 1997

Howdy DIYers -

This is an interesting idea. I guess you just use a fast sawtooth wave as a
clock (only one is needed for all things you need to CV) then use a
comparator with the CV input on one side and the sawtooth reference on the
other for creating a PWM wave.

What frequency should the sawtooth be for good performance?
Will a simple cap/resistor on the switch output be a good enough filter?

- CList

Yes, I'm back from vacation.
Yes, I finished a little "Guide for Building the ASM-1 with Faceplate" and
will be shipping ASM1 faceplates starting tomorrow morning. Tempcos should
be here in a day or two.
Yes, I've finished a .gif of my cv quantizer circuit and will be posting
Yes, I finished the Bode frequency shifter (from Electronotes) and will
report on it.
Yes, I'm swamped here at work and don't have time for any of this stuff
today    :)

Hope everyone has started 1997 off right!

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