CV-3 MIDI CV Converter Review 2

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Sat Jan 4 19:07:13 CET 1997

Hi, DIY'ers,

In December, Kevin Lightener [majmoog at] wrote:

>The only possible gripe I have is the lack of parts identification.
>For service and modifications, this could be a problem. Still, it is a
>non- issue for 99% of his customers and agree that protection is often
>necessary. Considering how very well thought out this unit is and the
>highly professional way Kyle has shown himself and company to be, I
>don't doubt his customer service is also top notch and indeed, may
>never be necessary anyways.


I would like to add that, should JKJ Electronics ever fold, all 
schematics, chip ID's, code, and service info is already on file at the New England 
Synthesizer Museum, and will be distributed to any other synth museum 
we can find.  At  the present time, all service will be handled by JKJ 
Electronics.  We stand by our reputation, and NO customer will be 
left unhappy. 


Kyle Jarger
JKJ Electronics
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