switching matrix

Magnus Danielson magda at it.kth.se
Fri Jan 3 23:15:14 CET 1997

> Hi!
> does anyone know if there exists a way to build some kind
> of 'switching matrix' that allows you to make connections
> between about 500 analog audio-lines ...

There are fully programable 16x8 analogue switch matrixes which easilly can be
expanded up to larger sizes. They are also fairly cheap and there are multiple
sources of the same chip. I have reported on this before with help of other
people (Kevin I beleive), so just look back in the archives one or a few 

Building a big switch with full connectivity becomes expensive as you increase
the number of input and outputs, so I think that it migth be wise to make
localized switching and then have some number of signals running on a bus to a
master switch, this solution will probably be much economic and still map well
to the connection problems there is.

> I'm thinking about a digital patchbay for a modular ...

Digital signal or just digital control?


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