AW: programmable 16 step shift register?

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Fri Dec 12 12:02:48 CET 1997

	>I'm looking for a way to make a simple 16 step sequencer that
will simply
	>read button presses as ons and offs and repeat the sequence
over and over
	>like a drum machine.  I want to be able to do "overdubs" on the
fly, by
	>simply advancing the sequence of 16 with a new stream of pulses
	>register styley).   I'd also like it to be cheap and simple to
build, and
	>syncable so I can run several in parrallel.

Here's what I have done for my old JH-1 "Pattern Generator":

Took an ordinary CMOS shift register chip (forgot which number),
and fed the last (and optionally the middle) output back to the
"D" input of the first stage. I didn't connect the feedback
directly, however, but with a 100k resistor. Then I connected
one pusbutton switch directly from the shift register input
to GND, and a second one (with 1k resistor in series) to
VCC. So I could simply override the feedback signal.
That's all, and it works great.


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