AW: AW: To earth, or not to earth...

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Thu Dec 4 11:11:58 CET 1997

	> 5) Systems can be cascaded together with one (and only one)
ground path
	> between them.  (I think there could be a problem here....)

There are problems.
I have my CS-50 connected to the mixer with its unsymmetrical output.
(10m cable length).
When I also connect the JH-3 Modular's Sample and Hold output
to the CS-50's external (modulation) input, I can choose between two
With the shield connected, I get a severe ground loop and HUM.
Without the shield connected, the Sample and Hold bleeds ito the
Mixer over the shared GND connection.
No Idea how to cure this without going balanced ...


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