Digital designs?

Paul Perry pfperry at
Tue Dec 30 08:25:13 CET 1997

At 11:47 PM 29/12/97 -0500, Chad Gould aka Soundwave  wrote:

>1) Is it insanely difficult to DIY DSP (or digital in general)?

it certainly isn't trivial, and even with a Motorola 56002 you start
to run out of processor after a few filters and reverb algotrithms

On the other hand, a good use might be for doing exponential 
conversion.. the greatest bugbear of analog DIY. I have a 68HC11
doing this with 16 bit accuracy, to run MS20s.

I am a fan of hybrid electronics, provided the right bits are done by the
appropriate tools ;)

paul perry melbourne australia

BTW, I cant see how not having lookup tables will help aliasing..



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