My ASM1 is working! - but still some problems!

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Fri Dec 26 18:39:43 CET 1997

My ASM1 is working! - but still some problems!

Hi ASM1 Owners!

Finally I have finished the assembling of my ASM1 and am glad to join
the ASM1
Comunity :-)
The modules worked from the first time I powered the ASM1 on. I only
burned a
resistor due to a misconnected tantal-cap.
But I have still some problems with it. Maybe some of you have made
experiences or have an idea what´s going wrong:

1. The Oscillators seem to modulate each other even when not connected
more than
the onboard lines. I can hear that when I just listen to one OSC and
change the tune
of the other. At low frequencies this is very clear.

2. The OSCs drift when I change the value of a voltage control on
another module e.
G. when I turn down the Cutoff-frequency of the Filter the OSC tunes
down more than
a semitone. I think there should be something wrong with the current
supply of these
controls but I can´t imagine what. I just connected them all parallel.
Or is the fault in
the OSC-Module itself?

3. The VCA produces a plopp-sound at the start of an Envelope, but only
connected to the VCF. Some kind of feedback perhaps?

(I am running my ASM1 by a PAIA MIDI2CV8, it´s supplied by an
Elektor-Formant-like power supply)

That is most I have recognized yet. Apart from this I am quite happy
with it and
optimistic to solve these problems.

Happy X-mas, Heiko

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