What's the deal with the ASM-1? Can't seem to contact Gene Stopp.

Magnus Danielson magnus at analogue.org
Sun Dec 21 17:55:08 CET 1997

>>>>> "n" == nc0839  <mymoog at ix.netcom.com> writes:

First of all: Sorry for the cross posting!

 n> I have been trying to contact Gene Stopp the gentleman that sells the PCB
 n> for the ASM-1 DIY synth kit. I can't seem to get thru to him. I noticed on
 n> Magnus Danielson's page it has some criptic explaination about why they
 n> can't provide the schematics for the VCO. Can one still get the PCB from
 n> Gene? I was told it was $60, is that correct? I am pretty sure there are
 n> individuals on this list that have built this synth. Any opinions on the
 n> sound quality and construction difficulty.

As for the cryptic explanation about the VCO schematics this is due to
an less than encrouraging experience from a person and I did not feel
like creating a war with this person or so. This situation made it
hard for me to supply the VCO and VCF schematics over the web without
having a possible law-suit or something comming my way... I tried to
create an deal with this person but didn't get much of a response.
Gene still distribute the schematic to my knowledge.
Unless someone (you know who you are) solves this specific problem
will the VCO and VCF schematics not be put onto the web by me. I was
about putting more schematics on the web, but this experience
discouraged me...

If someone have comments and additional info about the web page,
please let me know...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!

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