multiconductor cable question

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Thu Dec 18 22:17:50 CET 1997

This might be a really dumb question that probably has an obvious answer I
just can't see.

I want to go from a DB-15 connector to several 1/4" TS jacks.  Pin 15 on
the DB-15 is ground and goes to the sleeve of all the TS jacks.  Pins 1-11
go to the tips of each TS jack.  (Don't ask about 12-14 :)

What sort of cable should I use so I can attach the ground to pin 15 on one
end and 11 jacks on the other??  It doesn't have to be shielded.  I need a
fan of about 2 feet on the TS end.

Btw, I came across the following URL.  I'd thought I'd pass it along in
light of our recent Capacitor.FAQ    I haven't read it, but it seems to
contain factual information despite its audiophile context:


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