AW: programmable 16 step shift register?

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Mon Dec 15 12:06:02 CET 1997

	>think the wilson delay is tuned to 1v/oct for the BBD clock -
	>really, how important is that?

For tuned playing with high feedback, for example.

	>I used a 4046 for my VCO to drive my BBD circuits, these are
good and >cheap
	>but have a linear (sort of) V/Hz. I found that give the best
effect, for
	>vibrato or chorus, the modulation of the VCO must be done by
sine wave. A
	>triangle just does not sound nice. Probably something to do
with uniform
	>rates of change in a tri wave.

.. or with the sharp corners when the triangle reverses direction.
I'd also suggest a Sine wave for chorus applications. And a
 1 / Sine  for Lesley simulation. I still wonder why no one except 
Dynacord did this.


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