AW_2: programmable 16 step shift register?

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> These are two different things.  I used to have an STS catalog but I
> it when I moved :/    The Wilson delay is a BBD delay -- I think the
> thing special about it was that the delay time has CV control.
> (Hey!!  I got a few BBD delays/flangers/chorus pedals -- what would it
> to add CV control to them???? )

It shouldn't take very much, but you may not be able to fit 'em in the
box when you're done. The BBD IC is run from a clock. All you need to do
is replace the existing oscillator with a square-wave output VCO. I
think the wilson delay is tuned to 1v/oct for the BBD clock - but
really, how important is that? The Electronote Preffered Circuits
Collection has a few examples of BBD analog delays with CV-able clocks.
I've built one - works pretty well, though it's a little noisy...

- CList

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