Tempco resistors

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On Thursday, December 11, 1997 1:28 AM, Charlie T
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> I have discovered a source of tempco resistors, Micro Ohm Corporation,
at http://www.micro-ohm.com/temperature/temprecflm.html.
<http://www.micro-ohm.com/temperature/temprecflm.html>   The cost per
unit is almost $20; are these indeed the resistors that circuits such as
Gene Stopp's AMS1 circuit boards require?  The minimum order is 3
resistors; it seems to me I remember somebody posting here that they
ordered thirty of the components from KRL for $100.  
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Yup, that "someone" be me.

KRL Bantry Components, Manchester NH. If you look through the Synth DIY
archives, you'll find all the info - phone number, address, who to ask
for on the phone, etc. I don't have that info handy anymore. It is VERY
important to get the right kind of resistor - some of the ones they sell
have a very high inductance and won't work correctly in some situations
(like when placed in the feedback loop of an inverting op-amp, as many
expo-converter tempcos are)! Again, searching through the archives you
will find at least 3 posts I've made over the course of the past year
giving the KRL model numbers for the right and the wrong kind of
tempcos... The "right" kind are much cheaper than $20 each - more like
$3.75 each for the 25 I bought...

- CList

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